Cell Phone Repair Shop Downtown Petaluma

Conveniently located in the heart of Petaluma – My iPhone Repair is the number 1 cell phone repair shop for your smartphone repair needs. If you drop your phone and wonder to yourself ” is there a phone repair near me” that can fix my phone today – then you have found the place! We are just a few doors down from 24hr fitness in the Old Mill.

Most iPhone screen replacement services are completed within one hour! We also do all other cracked screen repair services for Samsung Galaxy phones and even LG smartphone repair.

If your iPhone is dying very rapidly or even resetting on you then you are in need of an iPhone battery replacement. Cell phone batteries will under normal use last 350-400 full charges and typically need replacing after 1-2 years of use. Just call us for information on the latest iPhone battery replacement pricing!

One of our specialties is the iPhone glass repair. We perform the iPhone 5 screen repair, iPhone 4S screen repair, iPhone 5C screen repair, iPhone 6 screen repair, iPhone 6S screen repair and more. We are the only cell phone repair shop north of the golden gate that performs iPhone glass repair in house. This service ensures that after repairing your iPhone screen you still get the same picture quality you are used to since your original retina display remains in your iPhone screen.

Have you ever thought wow how do I fix iphone screen anyways? Well our recommendation is not to fix your iphone screen on your own. Many people attempt to fix their cracked iphone screen in their home by purchasing their own iphone parts or an iphone repair kit that promises to offer step by step do it yourself instructions. We say – leave it to the phone repair pros! You would not fix your car – then don’t fix phone screen! Cellphone repair is not an easy task – don’t try it at home.

Give us a call or drop on by – we will be glad to help